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Sustainability Achieved through Durable Design Engineering


Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC), Biofouling, Biodegradation & Biodeterioration


Complete Corrosion Engineering Services


Condition Monitoring & Automation

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Asset Integrity and Condition Monitoring Specialists

TECHT is a Western Australian third-party independent consultancy, focused on delivering specialised solutions to its clients. 

Through experienced people and inspectors, TECHT ensures world-class technology and outputs are delivered for every project.

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End-to-end asset management

We specialise in innovative and reliable end-to-end ASSET INTEGRITY & CORROSION MANAGEMENT services for a wide range of industries.

Typically, the first step is to understand the environment from a CORROSION & DURABILITY point of view. TECHT develops comprehensive Corrosivity Assessments based on information gathered onsite and from reputable sources to produce Service Life Calculations to industry best practice & standards.

A DURABILITY PLAN breaks down the project into its various environments and assesses individual risk. Once this process is undertaken then construction detailing improvements are offered to mitigate deterioration mechanisms that lead to structural implications.

TECHT CAN OFFER ALL ASPECTS OF A DURABILITY PLAN from the original overview document through to construction documents, specifications, quality control verification, and the development maintenance manuals.

TECHT’s experience in doing inspections and failure analysis can be drawn on by our qualified engineers to ensure that design issues can be addressed at the FEED phase of the project, rather than at construction, or even production phase.

Our approach to durability planning encompasses the following key criteria:

  • Risk of deterioration,
  • Cost of control strategies,
  • Correct detailing to ensure positive result.

TECHT’s knowledge and experience of what influences a material property due mechanical, chemical or other process assists decision making. We aim to simplify the choices when considering cost, manufacture, the environment, and corrosion protection.

Correct product specification is crucial to ensure that the end user’s assets are going to be fit for purpose for the intended life. This process also alleviates site issues and problems associated with premature failures.

An essential part of TECHT’s services is the availability of in-house and third-party testing facilities. This includes metallurgical, analytical and microbial testing. Corrosion Coupon exposure is one way of testing a material to ensure it is fit for purpose, leading to correct material selection for the project.

YOU GET WHAT YOU INSPECT. TECHT offers a full range of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services. From the kick-off meeting to the final closeout report, TECHT ensures the specification is followed and can assist with any conflict resolution quickly and professionally, should it arise.

Education raises awareness. Trained operators are more likely to prevent and manage MIC risk effectively.

Knowing your system and what conditions support microbial life is the first step in understanding the overall health of your asset, as well as the source of potential problems and the overall MIC risk.

At TECHT, we understand that all assets are different, and therefore, we seek to create tailored, cost-effective monitoring programs that deliver meaningful data and practical solutions.

Studying a case of material failure suspected of being caused by microbial activity or biofouling involves field observations, spot tests, sampling and characterization, constructing and testing a hypothesis and proposing a mechanism.

Biofilms are recognised as a global issue impacting health, food, water, marine and industrial sectors. Biofilm formation is the critical step in MIC.

  • Expertise in the development of fit-for-purpose solutions to address MIC issues and support timely, informed maintenance decisions.
  • QA/QC independent third-party validation and verification of MIC management frameworks, procedures and practices. Unbiased, independent performance check.
  • Custom laboratory simulations based on specific industry requirements.
  • Investigation of MIC and biodeterioration rates and mechanisms in the following substrata:
  • Concrete Structures
  • Steel Structures
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Plant & Buildings
  • Sustainable Material Selection
  • Durability Assurance (new and built assets)
  • Structural Asset Maintenance Engineering
  • Corrosion Training
  • Root cause analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Analytical testing & Analysis
  • Microbially Influenced Corrosion
  • Feasibility option reporting
  • Scope of work compilation
  • Tender services
  • Repair Specification Development
  • Site Remedial Project Management
  • Coating inspections
  • DT & NDT inspections
  • 3D visualisation
  • Design documentation
  • Condition Survey
  • 3D Scanning

Automating manual processes for operational safety and efficiency gains

  • Design & Feasibility Studies: Computational simulation and ROI assessment
  • System Development: PLC, DCS, and SCADA system configuration
  • Turn-Key Installation: End-to-end project implementation and system integration

Facilitating real-time asset oversight for data-driven decision-making

  • Corrosion Monitoring and Protection Systems (CMAP): Utilizing electrochemical techniques and corrosion rate calculations
  • Vibration Analysis: Detecting early signs of machinery faults
  • Thermal Imaging: Identifying hotspots for preventive maintenance

Tailored software solutions for modern industrial challenges

  • Data Acquisition Software: Real-time data collection and processing
  • Predictive Maintenance Algorithms: Utilizing Machine Learning models
  • Enterprise Software Customization: Modular extensions and API development

Comprehensive Cathodic Protection Engineering Services

  • Data Gathering & Design: Corrosion potential mapping and system design
  • Turn-Key Installation: Complete CP systems from anode beds, reference electrodes, through to
  • control systems
  • Commissioning Services: System validation and performance benchmarking
  • Condition Monitoring Upgrades: Incorporation of modern sensor technology and data analytics
  • into existing monitoring systems.
  • CP Operation Health Check: Periodic system evaluations
  • Scheduled Inspections: Compliance checks and maintenance

Proven excellence in delivering Electrical projects on time, on budget, safely

  • Turn-Key Electrical Services: From design to commissioning
  • Electrical Project Supervision: Ensuring adherence to regulatory standards
  • Power Demand and Upgrade Assessments: Load analysis and infrastructure planning
  • Multi-Disciplinary Projects: Integrated electrical and automation solutions

Associations & Accreditations

TECHT is undergoing ISO9001 accreditation and is proudly associated with the following industry bodies

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Industries we service

We provide our services to some of the worlds largest industries.




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