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 Corrosion Testing Laboratory

Testing and Laboratory Services

TECHT has established a Corrosion Testing Laboratory in Technology Park (Bentley, WA). The testing facility complies with Australian Standards and meets the requirements for certification of a Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) laboratory.

The Laboratory provides government agencies and industry with local testing capability for corrosion, microbiological and biofilm testing.

TECHT’s Laboratory follows Australian safety and international standards, including:

Microbiological Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Testing 

TECHT MIC industry-leading test practices are backed and interpreted by our in-house experts.


  • Sampling Kits
  • Microbiological Contamination
  • MIC related testing
    • Biochemical Testing
    • Molecular biology testing
    • Customised fit-for-purpose MIC testing
    • Corrosion Coupon Analysis
  • Biofilm direct examination via advanced microscopy
  • Identification and quantification of Biofilm-embedded Bacteria
  • Biofilm composition analysis
  • Sessile minimum inhibitory concentration assays (S.M.I.C)
  • Biocide efficiency screening
  • Fit-for-purpose biofilm studies with business-relevant isolates to suit a variety of real-world applications
  • Planktonic kill studies

Biofilm Testing 

Gain a complete picture of your biofilm challenges through state-of-the-art testing.


Protective Coating (Paint) Testing

TECHT’s standard and custom coating tests provide certainty and confidence in the coating system.


  • Adhesion (pull-off) testing
  • Cathodic disbondment test
  • Coating qualification test
  • Chemical resistance tests
  • Failure investigations on coatings
  • Third-party independent coating screening tests
  • Third Party Inspection and witness for coating activity
  • Compressive strength and density
  • Chloride ion content
  • Carbonation depth
  • Sulphate ion content
  • Cement content
  • Calcium carbonate testing
  • Alkali aggregate reaction (AAR)

Concrete Testing 

Ensuring durability through industry best practice concrete testing services.


Corrosion Testing

Precise corrosion testing using the latest industry techniques.


  • Immersion testing
  • Accelerated corrosion testing
  • G48 test: pitting and crevice corrosion resistance of stainless steels and related alloys by use of ferric chloride solution
  • Corrosion inhibitor testing
  • Intergranular corrosion test
  • Corrosion coupon analysis
  • Customised testing protocols
  • Prototyping and testing of new concepts
  • Collaboration with academia and industry partners
  • Custom laboratory services
  • Third-party verification testing
  • Environment replication and simulation studies
  • Product development
  • Custom experiment design

Research & Development

R&D on your behalf; Innovating tomorrow’s corrosion solutions.



We can help you decide which tests are right for you and give you advice on how to get the best outcomes, from design and sampling through to interpretation.