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Explore this section to find answers to common queries, and delve into the intricacies of corrosion engineering, microbiologically influenced corrosion challenges, condition monitoring, and durable design engineering. 

Terms of Service

Do you operate across Australia?

Yes, we work with businesses across all states and territories across Australia. This can involve in-person and on-site consultations or for other projects, online.

Quality Assurance & Control

What industries does TECHT cater to?

TECHT provides its specialised services across diverse industries, including oil and gas, commercial and industrial sectors, ports and shipping, defense, energy, renewables, heritage architecture, transport, mining and resources, and marine and water infrastructure.

TECHT’s ArchiTECHT, ProTECHT, BioTECHT, and DeTECHT divisions collectively adhere to stringent quality assurance and control measures. From kick-off meetings to final closeout reports, we ensure specifications are followed, resolving conflicts promptly and professionally.

Sustainability is integral to our approach. TECHT incorporates innovative and durable design engineering practices, leveraging advanced materials and corrosion mitigation techniques to enhance the longevity of assets and reduce long-term environmental impact.

Service Abilities

Can TECHT assist with ongoing maintenance after the initial design or service implementation?

Absolutely. TECHT offers comprehensive maintenance solutions post-design or service implementation. Our teams are equipped to handle ongoing monitoring, and inspections, and provide tailored maintenance plans to ensure sustained asset integrity.

TECHT stands out with its BioTECHT division, offering specialised expertise in Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). We provide tailored monitoring programs, education, and innovative solutions to manage the risk of MIC and protect high-value assets.

Industries we service

We provide our services to some of the worlds largest industries.




Heritage Architecture

Commercial & Industrial




Mining & Resources

Marine & Water Infrastructure

Oil & Gas



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